You need a photographer. We need friends. 
“this is what we in sales call, a win win scenario.”
-Alec Baldwin (Cat in the Hat)


this is about YOU.

Hey there lovers, studs, babes, dudes (or any other endearing identifiers for, you, lovely people). Welcome to the wild side. We’re Seth & Co, a wedding photography team based in Los Angeles, Orange County and anywhere you’re down to fly us!

Photography, the intimate and beautiful thing it is, is all about emotion—it is the purest representation of the human spirit frozen in time forever. It’s about capturing what gives you butterflies all over, what makes you press snooze for the tenth time because you’re not ready to leave their side, about capturing that smile that won’t leave your face while they’re holding you. It’s about what makes your love, TRULY YOURS. And that’s what we’re here to capture.

We want to invest time in your love. Invest time in getting to know what makes the two of you, ONE. Let’s get to know each other and do this damn thing! We’ll go first!


it’s about you. it’s about your love. let’s get that good good. (1).gif (2).gif
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