sooo… you wanna know why we do it huh?

it's about to get serious. prepare thyself.
We always tell people that witnessing the human spirit in its most genuine of forms drives us to continue creating our art.

It's an awe-inspiring sensation

when you take a photo and immediately feel as if you’ve immortalized someone’s true nature.
 To us, it's just about capturing a moment,

capturing humanity,

capturing exactly what we are going through at that exact moment, and sharing that with the world.

Telling your story is what’s most important to us.

We want to capture what is truly you. 
your essence.
your love.

Love is the purest emotion, we feel, humanity has.

And we want to capture all the emotions for you! Let's tell your love story. We want to get to know you, and what better way to start then you guys getting to know a little more about us!
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well. thanks for making it this far!


Seriously. We appreciate you guys sooo damn much for taking the time to read this, and get to know us a little bit more. We are incredibly excited to have you here. We’re Seth & Co. We’re wedding photographers based in Los Angeles & Orange County, and pretty much anywhere else you’re willing to take us. ANNDDD we’re your new potential third, fourth, and maybe fifth wheels.

Kaiti and I have known each other since we were in juniors in high school and I met Jenna in 2016 at a photography conference! Kaiti and I started a photography business together back in 2012, and somehow it ended up taking off! Life got a little crazy for us and we decided I would go full-time because someone literally had to! Kaiti continued her schooling and I took over the company. As we evolved and I began to figure out what I wanted this company to be, I decided to bring two of the most amazing people I know together and make an even more kick ass company! These girls are literally so amazing, and I’m unbelievably lucky to have them by my side as I make my vision for this company come to life! Come join the ride.



meet the crazies

Jenna Lowery

Jenna Lowery

Photographer + dance machine

Myers Briggs & Enneagram: INFJ, Type 9

Love Language: Touch, Words of Affirmation (because like let’s be real I need you to touch my butt and tell me I’m smart)

Current Obsession: Forever and always obsessed with good shoes. Currently obsessing over high tops of all sorts.

Favorite Food: Potatoes. Fried. Crisped. Baked. 

Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Why Photography: I love humans. I studied anthropology and cinema in undergrad and am currently studying clinical mental health in graduate school. I admire the human spirit and I seek to capture it as sincerely as possible.

Cats or Dogs: Both. No contest. How dare you ask.

Dream Vacation: Sleep with the elephants in Thailand. 

Pineapple on Pizza: ONLY with cashew.

Seth Sanker

Seth Sanker

owner + Photographer + DD

Myers Briggs & Enneagram: INFP & I’m Type 2

Love Language: Quality Time, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch. I’m just a needy bitch.

Current Obsession: Presently crushing harrddddd on Game of Thrones. But mainly crushing on Tormund.

Favorite Food: I’ll literally eat ANYTHING. But sushi. Like. Please Sushi.

Favorite Movie: V difficult to saayy. Buuut, gonna have to say How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Why Photography: I love photography because it’s just sooo dang intimate. I get to immortalize someone’s true nature and that’s such a freakin gift. I love being able to feel people’s spirits and capture exactly how someone feels at that exact moment.

Cats or Dogs: I’m defs a dog person. Cats just seem like they are plotting your death constantly.

Dream Vacation: I’ve allwayysss wanted to go to Morocco. Sooo. Take us plz.

Pineapple on Pizza: I’m a firm believer in pineapple on pizza. Please hire us still.

Kaitlin Palma

Kaitlin Palma

Photographer + shot pourer

Myers Briggs: ENFP

Love Language: Quality Time & Touch. Also needy.

Current Obsession: Researching novel ways to pay back loans that don’t involve stripping.

Favorite Food: Money.

Favorite Movie: Loaded question… Inside out or Pearl Harbor, but School of Rock when the time is right!

Why Photography: What is photography?

Cats or Dogs: Dogs …like 400%

Dream Vacation: The Lost City of Atlantis

Pineapple on Pizza: DAFUQ?! HELL NAH.


Q & A 


Where are you based and do you travel?


We are based in Southern California! annnddd YES! We love to travel. Take us anywhere, we are soooo down for the get down! We have current passports as well, soooo. let’s do this. We have pricing based on where your wedding is taking place! So what you see is what you’re paying, we don’t have extra travel fees!


Who will be shooting our wedding?


SOOO. It will be at least one of the three of us! If we only have one wedding for that day, you will probably have two of us shooting that day, but we do sometimes have multiple weddings on one day, so we will hire out a second shooter in that case! :D


How do payments work?


We do a 50% retainer due at the signing of your contract, and the remaining amount is due a month before the wedding. We accept pretty much any form of payment!


How many weddings do you take a year?


This is bound to change, but this year we are trying to take about 30 weddings. 30 is already a lot, but we are trying to keep it at a smaller number to make sure we can give our couples the experience we want them to have!


How many images do you include?


It varies per wedding. Sometimes we are shooting 4 hour days, other times we are shooting 12 hour days. We will include as many photos as we can! We don’t wanna withhold photos from you because we told you we would tell your story, and your story isn’t limited to a number!


What’s your turn around?


We try and have sessions back to you within 4 weeks. And weddings we try to deliver within 3 months! :D We don’t want to rush on your photos! We want to make sure they are perfect when you receive them!


Will you photoshop us?


We don’t do heavy photoshopping! We want the photos to look like you, not a fake version of you! If you’re looking for someone to make you look not like you, we might not be the best fit! We will try and shoot you to make you look like the best version of you though, and will edit out things like pimples and bruises. Essentially temporary things! :D