Shelby & Kirk. Cozy In-Home Engagement. San Jose, CA.

Okay. These two. From emailing, I just knew. They are totally my people. And as soon as I walked into their door, I KNEEWWWW they were seriously my people! They greeted me with open arms and just the perfect amount of sarcasm, I literally knew these two and I would get along perfectly!

Their home in San Jose, CA was beautiful! They had such stunning window light in the two rooms we shot in, and then there was their doggy, Abby! As soon as I saw her beautiful face, I was head over heels! Once we were ready to leave their place we went to a diner that’s really sentimental to them! It was amazing going there cuz the entire staff knew who they were, and we got free Snapples and fries! I MEAN, COME ONNNN!!! This was part of their tradition, to go and get Snapples and read the facts on the top to each other. It was seriously soooo amazing being able to get a glimpse into their regular life. After this we went to a local park, and basked in that after sunset glow. It was literally such a perfect day!

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