Abe & Isaac. One Lightbulb In-Home. Newport Beach, CA.

Sooo. I’ve had the idea of doing a single light source in-home shoot at night for the longest time! I had asked other friends if they would be down to model for me, and things always fell through! Abe & Isaac happened to be in Newport Beach, which is only like 45 minutes away from me, and I went to just hang out!

I got to their place and I saw some light fixtures hanging from the ceiling and I went to inspect them. And they could be taken apart and moved, soooo, I pulled out my camera and told em it was photo shoot time! This is seriously one of my favorite shoots I have ever done! It just illuminates (pun intended) their love for each other, and makes the whole session seem more intimate! Defs in love with this one.

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Seth Sankerin-home