Allie & Kyle. Saratoga Springs Wedding. Saratoga, CA

Oh gosh. These guys. If wedding photographers ever talk about their perfect client, it was these guys. And it’s not because of something superficial like looks, or where they are getting married. It was seriously just because they were themselves, and it was perfect. Allie and Kyle are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I seriously can’t complain about one second of their day because everyone was smiling the whole entire time. This was definitely one of those weddings that you leave with the world’s biggest smile on and the happiest heart.

So, we started the day at a local inn in Saratoga. Again, the vibes were perfect. Everyone was so excited. The wedding parties were so friendly to us and helpful, and it was such a perfect start to a perfect day. And then it was first look time. We drove on over to Saratoga Springs, and set everything up, and brought Allie over. And they were both smiling sooo damn much the entire time. They were straight up meant for each other, and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole day because they made us feel so welcome. Definitely some of the best people we know! Can’t wait to have some hangs with them.

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