Ashley & Ilya. Marin Headlands Engagement. San Francisco, CA.

Okay. So a quick lead up to this engagement session. A couple photographer friends of mine were helping us shoot this weekend because we had 4 weddings and definitely needed some help, had just flown into LAX. We live in Southern California, and decided to drive up together. So, I had to drive into LA the morning of this session and it straight up took me 3 hours to get there, where it would normally take me an hour. It was definitely exhausting and then we drove up another 7 hours to San Francisco!

Saying I was exhausted might be a bit of an understatement. But once I got out of the car and went to meet Ashley & Ilya, I was definitely all better! It was a perfect day! The view of The Golden Gate Bridge from Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands was freakin amazing! And these guys killed it! Literally naturals. We stayed up at Hawk Hill for a little bit, and then the sun got a tiny bit lower and it was time to go down to the Black Sand Beach. And DEAR GOOODDD, it was perfect. We got down there at just the right time and the golden beams seriously took my breathe away. Such a perfect ending to a long day.

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