Melissa & Sean. Cathedral Park Engagement. Portland, OR.

These guys are amazing! I planned a trip up to Portland SUPPERRRR last minute. And I think I told these guys like a week before I was going to be up there, and they managed to be free! It was seriously sooo perfect!

I had never been to Cathedral Park before, but I had always seen photos from it! And it’s definitely been a place I’ve always wanted to shoot. As soon as we got into the park I saw the fall leaves! Which for someone that lives in Southern California is VERRRYYY exciting! So obviously, I had them start there. They warmed up pretty quick and we started making magic! We went under the bridge and I almost died from excitement! I love geometric architecture and I was in awe! It’s such a beautiful spot! We ended by the river, and there was a perfect after sunset glow down there. Definitely an amazing afternoon.

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