Michaela & Jordan. Engagement on the Airstrip. Redlands, CA

OKAY sooo. I’ve known Michaela since we were in elementary school. And oddly enough we found out we are kind of related. SOOO, we got really close when we were younger because she was my “baby cousin.” But as life goes, I moved away and went to a different high school. We stayed in touch on the internet but not too much more than that.

And then, our friends started getting married, and we started seeing each other at weddings, and I met Jordan!! And then one day, BOOM, Michaela reaches out to me for wedding photos. It’s seriously sooo crazy when your friends start getting married, and especially people you’ve known since you were kids. But here we were. We finally managed to set up a time for engagement photos, while we were both in the same area.

We started the day with SUSHIII!!! Because, is there really any other way to start the day? We then explored a little of Downtown Redlands. And I obvi found myself some white walls, cuz, it’s a must. We then headed to the Redlands Airport! Which was seriously sooo amazing! I’ve shot at an airport one other time, and I seriously loved it! And this was soo amazing! The light was sooo flippin beautiful! And it’s a tiny little airport, so we walked a little on the airstrip and made some magic!

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