Pangan Family. Golden Hour Family Session. Yucaipa, CA.

We don’t shoot a lot of family sessions. We mainly shoot them for past couples, or for people we know. And they almost always happen right around the holidays. I mean, we gotta get that Christmas card out! Kristian and Ben are actually my family, but I actually shot their wedding when I first started doing photography. It’s always crazy being able to watch your couples families grow and blossom.

So we pulled up to where we decided to shoot, which was actually where we took their engagement photos years before! And DEAR GOD, it was perfect! The light was seriously life changing! Soooo freakin warm, golden hour did us well. The family wore warm tones as well, so this was just a beautiful warm magical session, that are seriously some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken! Might have to do more family sessions!

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Seth Sankerfamily session