Becca & Scott. Joshua Tree Engagement. Joshua Tree, CA.

When Becca told us we were going to be shooting in a tiny home in Joshua Tree, we literally almost peed our pants! TALK ABOUT A PERFECT SHOOT! She sent me photos and I just got more and more excited! And there was a hot tub. So like, YESSS!

When we arrived at the tiny home we had a little extra time, so we started off with some drinks. It’s always nice having a little extra time to talk to your couples, and just get them more comfortable and a little drunker as well! Then we brought out our cameras and out came the freakin MODEELLSSS! It was seriously such a perfect shoot! We almost set the tiny home on fire, but we made it out alive, and went outside for a bit of sunset action! It was a perfectly perfect Joshua Tree sunset, and it wouldn’t be a Seth & Co shoot if we didn’t just grab random things in the street and use them as props! We then ended up back on the porch of the tiny home and obbvviiiii got em in the hot tub! They freakin killed it. Seth OUT!

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