Lauren & Darin. Sunrise Windmill Engagement. Palm Springs, CA.

We met these guys at a wedding we were shooting two days before their shoot! Our couple had told them about us, and they wanted to have a Palm Springs engagement shoot while they were visiting from Canada! So we obviously said yes, because Palm Springs is definitely my weakness! They agreed to do sunrise, and it was freakin perfect! We started at the iconic windmills and as the sun came up over the horizon I almost cried! The desert just has this magic about it, and we were living for it! Darin and Lauren KILLLEDDD IT! I’m pretty sure they were models in their past lives, or maybe even in this one, but they seriously murdered the game! We took em to a little secret sand dune we know about and it was amazing!

Once we were done in nature, I asked them if they had a pool at the place they were staying! And of course they did because it’s Palm Springs! We went back to their place and took a little in-home pictures. And then out to the pool! The house has the cutest little blue wall, that we had to take advantage of, and they had a pineapple floaty. I MEAN, COME ONNN!

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