Erika & Julio. Desert Engagement. Joshua Tree, CA.

Erika & Julio are getting married at one of our favorite venues Saratoga Springs. So they live up in the Bay Area, and we were trying to figure out an engagement idea for them! Erika then suggested to have the shoot down near where I live in Joshua Tree, and obviously I was not opposed AT ALL!!! During the process Erika was sending me some houses and when she sent me this one, it was amazing! It had an outdoor tub and I was hooked!

When I arrived at the house, they greeted me with their perfect puppy and a beer. Literally my favorite way to be greeted. We hung out for a little bit and got to know each other and then got to shooting! It was so natural and easy. I love shoots that couples want it to feel like themselves, and this definitely felt like them. We brought some beers outside and it was such a natural shoot. And then they came out in OUTFITS TO SLAAYYY! They looked sooo damn good, I was shoookk! (In the best way) And then in was bathtub time! I love intimate photos. And these were freakin perfect. Once that was all done we were ready to call it quits, but then we heard some thunder, we walked outside and there was lightning too! We wanted to see if we could capture it. We managed to do it a little bit, but also we turned on the car headlights and got some seriously magic with them.

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